Daily Archives: December 11, 2013


UNE LARME – douce libération
froide ou chaude
coupe la corde
de l’amour ou la vie

[A TEAR — sweet release
cold or hot
cuts the chord
of love or life]

Telle est la vie
aimer davantage – que la vie
et chérir toute vie

[Such is life
love more — than life
and cherish all life]

Un tel amour que la nôtre
coupe la corde
de la vie éternelle

[Such love as ours
cuts the chord
of life eternally]

La larme si doucement
puits sous le coeur
libérer nos âmes dans la vie

[The tear so softly
sinks beneath the heart
release our souls in life]

Apaiser la déchirure – peur
dément la vérité
l’amour est plus fort que tous

[Soothe the tear — fear
belies the truth
love be stronger than them all]


SEEING you and him in a wish
I shall not pass by this night
but cast an arrow across your hearts
spark the light of love — your souls
light breaks — daybreak loves you most
a new day of love for you both
and I sling my arrows your way

All I want is to give love
and love is all I can give
and all is the air I need
to breath the love into you

Tomorrow comes and many other days
gracefully taking time in stride
and loving your time eternally
and all you want is what I gave
and give I give each and every day

I am so cupid — loving you all
nothing greater than giving my all
farming a soil rich in lust and love
nothing better than to give my all

Tomorrow I bring
another lover
to their love
its all I can do
to give to you



WHAT truth does soothe your heart
blindly believing just the words
or that fire within the heart that burns
forging from grace a sensuous smile
great winds that carry it toward you
befitting the Queen you are so quaintly
Royalty in blood and spirit — ethereal
my sword at your beckoned call —
I slay the demons that climb your wall
and quench the thirst of your gentle throat
Gently I stroke the mane of silky hair
and fall do I into that grand land of lush
plushing thrusting bewilderingly rushing
across the field of yet another battle
— to conquer your love and heart



BE-TENDERLY sweet-kissy
playful nymph
catching fire upon
my surface-lips
warm potion-love
drips hot
barely control-shivers
tingly in all spots
abate your spell
save you burn the lot
pray-tell go gently
such love explodes
my life-will bends
to each gust of wind
that carries your lust
Go gently!  
It is all too much!


WHEREBY it may be declared
that mysticism is union
or absorption into that Diety
of knowledge barred
by the intellect…

I do contemplate
nay — surrender
that my character-soul
dreamy thunder-confusion
understands — and knows

The ultimate reality
is more than mere words
practised by unknowns
incomprehensible to minds
but deeply known

Feelings, intuition
beneath the bedsheets
of mistress-whole-mindness