Daily Archives: December 26, 2013


QUIET SPACES kissie comfort
spiral-pain touch tickle
blood reaffirm a memory
life is what you live
Seductress enters dream
mixing tonics skin-liquid
thirsty-soul drink-hungry
higher mind slap-shit you
Choir boy suffer stiff collar
dead one endure post-life
love ones shun past-memory
so thick process-life
makes you wonder
— who is better off
dead or living



MY WISH is to apologize
to those that endure
the prose of a feverish mind
My emotions are molten lava
and my psyche mere human flesh
So when my desire is to write
I scream within and transpose
with flash-time swiftness
and never look back  
— it is my weakness
Forgive me for transgression
and I always include you all
— within my nightly prayers
I wish to find the dirt
upon my face without
a grave marker
— read and forget me



LOVE has no shape
it turns around
and bleeds into thoughts
and sounds it sings
— into an ear
And causes the skies
to weep in sheets
— of winds or tears
Love is all around
for all to see
It can cause one
to blow their mind
and seeps into a soul
Because we love
and love is the truth
as truth loves
— you



AND in this morning
— ice-baked skies
that I be drawn to the
glass-cold window
was a pleasant
— albeit utter surprise
To see — I did!
Across the way
beyond the oak
between the frost
and misty cloak
the Monarch
who flittered by!
The grand vision
— crystal snow
drifting flakes
against noble color
such a butterfly!