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WE are all possessed
by nature a parasitic
light that bestows
Humanity unto beasts
Bless be it say all —
the indomitable soul!



MY love I confess to you
there be another who
has touched my heart
She is a grand soul
with a way in words
and her life passed
many year ago
I must say that
her letters of love
have found their way
into my heart
And kindle a passion
never to die
Also I confess
a first letter of love
I wrote to her
she crumpled to keep
But this one
— I now write is weak
compared to the first —
How I live for now
but my heart to
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson!
Who passed the year of our lord
Eighteen Eighty-six

:: 05-15-1886 ::

:: 05-15-1886 ::


I DESIRE that which is mine
and give no quarter
to those who challenge
the fruit of my tree of life

I guard with constant diligence
the beauty by my side
her beauty madly drives
sane men into frenzy

Tis such a small price
for a gentleman to pay
to possess such a fire
her furnace forges my love

Fair warning to weaker men
best you chase less fair women
my stick has a spot for you
surely your head atop my spigot!



IT’S looking like a prison chart
one in a cell the other shot
What would our Fathers say
tyranny given for security yeah

Make-shift news to confuse
such sheep-like minds
a billion bullets aimed at you

I never want to be a statistic
on a government chart
there has to be a better way

We are living
in a synthetic world
there’s too much information
running through my brain

There’s too much information
driving me insane
give the whole world a breather
there’s too much information

driving me insane!



THESE are my friends
one that wishes
the other that begs

Hush to one I said
life bleeds with cuts
the other such pity

These are my friends
one cries and shouts
the other silently weeps

Soothe such anger my angel
blackness begs an audience
dry your eyes my other!

We are such friends
she lives beneath my skin
turmoil burns tender hearts

Now you shall shine
rubies shall you drip
upon the land of giving

At last!  My love’s complete



WHAT others cannot see
my limbs reveal to me
a ghost of the past
begging for a breeze
My tree am I for thee
sashay in April wind
till one day – somberly
you torn down — yes you
the largest part of me



SUCH daze enters
into few hours
beyond my avatar
of senselessness
that crunch
— popcorn tasteless

The piper visited
for his pay
as my universe
spoke to me
a decree:
— “tis no free lunch today!”

Black pepper eyes tear
rose cheeks bleed
the bark of tongue
peels beneath brokenness
a heart torn in part
— between light and dark

Soft skin easily torn
by black raven beaks
eat the pepper-pecked
what eye could not see
blindness shows to me
— love is all there is

Scream lung-flung disease
purge rotten feeling-be
angel piss golden bliss
high heels Diablo made
fracture-me piece-me
— together for another day