Daily Archives: December 10, 2013


THE celebrated heart
love-hook from which
all passion hangs

stately in measure
beating metronome
of cosmic-lust

What more need a soul
than rhythmic lullaby
deep within one’s own

Beat for us lonely song
thrumping passion-sing
along these cold nights

My celebrated heart
dance with me – along
skip-light nights

My lullaby so sweetly
so neatly you comfort
keep beating in passion


LOVE-SWEET word beauty-laced
it sends me to another place
holding onto your tender wing
cloud-punch a hole into the blue

where are you taking us
— is it to that spot?
where lazy angels play
are we to sing with the harp?

Love-sweet word beauty-laced
giving me more than all I want
whispering honey dew unto my heart
kiss me ocean-sky lips so sweet

I see the place past the-beyond
over the rolling green hills
and through the gate into your arms



the living
— of those
that touch
the heart
of your soul
and never spoil
— the spirit
but bask
within the lover
who kindles
and ignites
your soul



SUCH cause for death and lost
heart attacks by dietary risk
and some data reflects a way
— driving while drinking kills

But what say the media —
and universities: don’t say
— and I believe with all my heart
is that too much thinking is a start

Chronic thinking it is —
the greatest disease of all
bounded by data and social media
it drains away our time…

and eventually kills us all
— the tide is set and waves have sailed
onto the shores of our lives
Tsunami event just years away