Daily Archives: December 13, 2013


WHEN thunder greets
a tender thee
shaken bolt

Lovely one – tears
river-sing flows
carries tender-be

Woe-the softly fragile
soul-dew upon me drip
enclose your pedals
within my greater-see



UPON empty midnight streets
a washed in silver night rains
I carried your ghost in arms

Not once did you say —
or breath upon my skin
your ghost declines such pleasure

And on that cobblestone night
clickety-clack of horsemen
I saw your shadow in the park

Frozen-stare in congealed time
then in action I ran toward you
there by the grand tree of oak

Moonbeam drops through pale skin
opal hair distant stare
ruby lips love-drench gems

Away the world fell
cascade-passion drowned
eddies swirl-lust despair

You are the ghost
within my arms
moon-leaves fall
sparkle-night burn
one body–two hearts

I carry you today
— tomorrow-eternally
one body
— two hearts



WHICH way to Summersville
where the sun never stops aglow
wish-may I could go — all day
and bask in summer glow

You say the fire follows
Me muse-way what I love about you
Fire starter kindling my heart
Lets stay in Summersville till May

And the sun burns its tales
and spreads its love across the world
And the sun yearns for its lovers
and dreads the stuff of broken hearts

And the sun can stay
and the fun inside
remains all our lives

And the sun can stay
and the months can fly
but our love is here to stay