Daily Archives: December 20, 2013


ELSE-MIGHT dithers
between would-could
— one slays ambition
while the other
enjoys self-delusion


MY dearest love the night comes
and dreams beg for my entrance
into their sleep-web this night.
But before I go there are a few
words my heart demands of my soul.
That I wish my tongue would shape
from molten steel a word or two
— an anvil to slice through such
dimness that fails its path between
spirit and lips.
So tonight I can only utter simple
that I love you so…


I’M falling into blue-skies
because the world
— is tender-round
Fly my feather-heart
into wind-highs
Because your heart
is blue – it makes me cry
No need for crystal-tears
you can hold my hands
and come fly with me
into love-is skies so blue


SOFT slender-touch
— are your ways
Blending love-colors
and twisting flow-bends
Such elastic kiss-stretching
from gentle lips
into my burning heart
— melting worry-nothing’s
Such is love-true-true